Day 30: December 21, 2013

What I did today:

  • Breakfast at the buffet downstairs before we farewelled Alex and Grace. All our friends are heading off and it feels sad that our time in Beijing together is coming to an end 😦 We’ve grown close over time and even begun to pick up on each other’s habit hehe
  • Fangxue and I had our last little outing together to Houhai Lake. It’s almost Christmas now and the lake has frozen over and the trees have lost their vibrant green colour (although maybe that has more to do with the pollution than the weather). We walked past Duck Island which reminded me of Grace (she really likes ducks) and saw some kids with their parents on some sort of seat/cart that you push yourself along with using ski poles on top of the ice.

Daring moments:

  • Grace clogged up the toilet yesterday after she pooped and me needing to go to the toilet in the morning…well I did what had to be done. I never want to reach so far up a Chinese toilet with my bare hands again -____-
  • Fangxue and I saw people going in for a dip in the ice-cold water and it wasn’t just like 1 or 2 people but a whole group! Pretty brave…or maybe silly :p

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