Day 29: December 20, 2013

What I did today:

  • Skipped my grammar class – really don’t want to work on the last day .__.
  • Dinner at Charme Restaurant and karaoke afterwards. Wish I’d gone with someone else to sing karaoke though because I couldn’t understand the Chinese songs at all @_@

Learning opportunities:

  • As I walk past stores along Nanluoguxiang and at the Hongqiao Pearl Market I’m reminded once again of why customer service is so terrible. The storekeepers all look at their laptops or devices as they watch one Chinese TV series or another and none of them have an inviting smile to welcome me – not even to convince me to buy their goods.
  • Fried chicken is very popular with Chinese people

Fun moments:

  • More bargaining fun! Found a cute music box that played ‘Amazing Grace’ for Felicia and also had a good learning experience where I bargained too low and wasn’t able to get an item at the price I wanted. Now I know what it feels like 😮

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